Our vision for Kickboxing Ireland

To promote the positive and beneficial aspects of martial arts and Kickboxing within our community. To develop our students in a positive manner in a safe and controlled environment. To empower our coaches to be leaders and roll models in our chosen sport.

  • To provide Kickboxing & Martial Arts Class that are accessible and affordable
  • To promote and encourage in the local community the sport of Kickboxing and Martial Arts
  • To make Martial Arts and Kickboxing more accessible to the general public
  • To Develop the sport of Kickboxing in a healthy and productive environment
  • To encourage a healthy and productive life style of all its students, coaches and instructors
  • To Develop its students to be productive and rewarding members of the community
  • To be run on a non profit basis, ensuring affordability and inclusion of all
  • To not discriminate because of gender, religion or ethnic persuasion
  • To develop the physical and physiological well being of its students and members
  • To reinvest in its students, coaches, instructors and infrastructure on an ongoing basis
  • To promote the Art of Kickboxing in Ireland in a positive and constructive manner
  • To be an identifiable quality mark for the general public
Kickboxing Ireland acknowledges the rights enshrined for Young People in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and those outlined and aspired to in the National Children’s Strategy: “Our Children – Their Lives”

Kickboxing Ireland acknowledges the special place children and young people have in the future development of Kickboxing in Ireland.Irish Kickboxing Association is committed to providing a quality service and undertakes to make every effort to ensure that young people who choose to partake in Kickboxing can do so in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

We are committed to an approach to Kickboxing practice which protects young people from harm and which recognises and accepts our responsibilities to develop an awareness of the issues which may cause such harm. To do this, Irish Kickboxing Association requires all of its Instructors and members, to show understanding of, and respect for, the rights, safety and welfare of all whom we encounter in the practice and regulation of the various Martial Arts, which we represent. We require all members and instructors to conduct themselves in a fashion that reflects the ethos of the Irish Kickboxing Commission and, in particular, the guidelines contained in the Irish Sports Council’s “Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland ” and the Department of Health & Children’s “Our Duty to Care “.

Kickboxing Ireland undertakes to safeguard Young People in our care by:

  • Adhering to the Irish Kickboxing Association Health & Safety Policy (available upon request)
  • Adopting child protection guidelines as outlined in the Irish Kickboxing Association’s National Policy for Young People and Irish Sports Council’s Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland
  • A commitment to promoting high standards in our work with young people throughout the Association
  • Reviewing our guidelines and policies at regular (at least bi annually) intervals
  • Sharing information and providing training on the guidelines and policies adopted
  • Adopting and implementing an Anti-Bullying and Dignity in the dojo policy
  • Encouraging adherence of Kickboxing Schools/Clubs to national safety codes and standards
  • Implementing the Irish Kickboxing Association’s National Children’s Strategy
  • Lobbying for support for and implementation of the rights of children in sport and recreation

WAKO/WADA work to ensure that athletes benefit from the same anti-doping protocols and protections, no matter the nationality, the sport, or the country where tested. The ultimate goal is safe and fair competition worldwide. The section below provides key anti-doping information for athletes. Please consult the menu the menu below.


Benefits of Kickboxing

If practiced regularly it will provide a cardiovascular workout, it will help develop, muscle tone, strength, flexibility balance and concentration, it is considered to be an effective total body workout. In a recent study by US Fitness magazine it was proven that a kickboxing class can burn an impressive 800 calories an hour. It will help maintain weight and body fat controls and bone density. The skill taught can be used in self-defense, if needed.
It is considered to be calming and relaxing, it requires a high degree of concentration and focus to be able to deliver the multiple movements, punches and kicks. Focus is often on helping body and spirit feel centered and connected to each other.
It can be practiced alone or with others. Group introduction is widely available, it is accessible to people of wildly ranging ages and fitness levels, equipment in the initial stages is minimal and equipment is primarily inexpensive.


Kickboxing Ireland Executive Committee

Roy BakerPresident
Dave HeffernanVice President
Damien GormleyNational Team Manager
Des LeonardMembership Officer
Michelle AdebesiMembership Officer
Martin McMahonSecretary
Ilija SalernoPublic Relations Officer
Joe HaganFull Contact National Coach
Des LeonardLight Contact National Coach
Dave HeffernanPointfighting National Coach
Jessica GrantForms National Coach
Miriam FaheyIMAC Representative
Martin BannonIMAC Representative