New WAKO Dan Grade Certificates Awarded

//New WAKO Dan Grade Certificates Awarded

New WAKO Dan Grade Certificates Awarded

Kickboxing Ireland presented WAKO Dan Grades for the following long lasting members of KBI:

Michael McDermott 7th Degree
Jim Upton 6th Degree
Liam Whelan 5th Degree
Ian Kingston 5th Degree
Martin Bannon 5th Degree
Dave Heffernan 5th Degree
Mark McDermott 3rd Degree

All the above were awarded their promotions in thanks for their continued dedication and commitment to kickboxing in Ireland through out the many years of their service and continued association with the sport. They have and continue to promote the sport in Ireland for the best and are an integral part of it’s continued successful rise.

Ireland is now ranked as one of the top kickboxing nations in the world in both juniors and seniors. It is continuing to grow as one of the strongest kickboxing nations in the world.